Straight Talk Promo Code – Incredible Savings!

Straight Talk Promo Codes

Straight Talk Promo Codes
Straight Talk is a popular pre-paid cellular service that is used by millions of customers. In today’s day and age, it is almost unheard of not to have a cell phone. It is the standard means of communication to stay in touch with family and friends, an invaluable business and professional device, and comes quite in handy during emergencies. Straight talks provides three cellular phone plans, home phone service, SIM cards, phones, and more . Online coupons are discounts and vouchers that give promo codes or other options to redeem them from internet access. There are various online Straight Talk coupon options for Straight Talk that provide significant savings and discounts.

Straight Talk Promo Codes and DealsĀ 

1. Straight Talk offers Nationwide Coverage on one of America’s best networks

2. Same Phones, Same Networks, Half the Cost. Start Saving with Straight Talk.

3. Free Shipping with the Purchase of any Straight Talk Phone

4. iPhone 5 available from Straight Talk

5. iPhone 4S available from Straight Talk

6. Samsung Galaxy SIII available from Straight Talk

7. Free Phone! Motorola W418G with Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data

8. Buy a SIM card to get our plan and keep your own phone!

9. Get Unlimited Talk, Text and Web for only $45 per month!

10. See all of the plans starting at $30 per month!

Straight Talk is very popular in many circles and provides a very special niche in the cell phone and telecommunications industries. Some cell phone users are on contracts and may enjoy the service, long term obligations, and potential to run up a $1,000 cell phone bill, but not most. Many other users prefer and enjoy the flexibility of a prepaid phone service that isn’t dependent on their credit score and one that they can stop using at anytime without penalties. Pre-paid phone services offered by Straight Talk promotes better budgeting and financial security for it’s consumers. Tracfone provides the services of Straight Talk, Tracfone is the largest non contract cellular phone company in the United States. This gives Straight Talk stability and credibility and helps explain their significant market share as it’s part of an over 22 million subscriber customer base.

Products and Services

Straight Talk primarily serves customers with cellular phone service, this is the bulk of their business. These plans and respective phones are widely available at online and at Wal-mart, where the typical shopper is more likely to be the target market for pre-paid phone service. There is a $30 a month limited plan, $45 a month unlimited plan, and a $60 international monthly plan for prepaid service. The limited plan, also referred to as the “all you need” plan comes with 1000 talk time minutes, 1000 text or picture messages, and 30 MB of data. The is sufficient for many users who casually use their phone, but those who are constantly on it may benefit more from the unlimited plan. This plan features unlimited talk time, messaging, data, and free 411. The International plan features everything of the unlimited plan, but includes unlimited calling to more than 1,000 different countries and foreign destinations. Additionally, this international plan includes 400 monthly minutes to other countries not included on the unlimited list. Straight Talk offers some of the best and most technologically advanced cell phones at competitive and discounted prices. Smart phones like the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, and LG Optimus are available with Straight Talk. Also, home phone service is not available with Straight Talk. A home phone service plan with no contracts, no requirement for high speed internet or a land line, and it’s compatible with current house phones and numbers, if applicable. There are two unlimited nationwide calling plans for home service, a domestic plan for $15 a month and an international plan for $30 a month. A hardware device will need to be purchased for approximately $99 to setup and activate the home service, but there may be online coupons available to assist with that.

Online Coupons

Coupons are widely and readily available online right now. Most people like to get a bargain or discount on anything they buy. A dollar saved is a dollar earned and the coupon industry has always been popular with consumers and ultimately beneficial to the respective companies the coupons are used for as well. Online and internet coupons can be promotional or shopping codes to use in online transactions or voucher print outs to take to brick and mortar locations. Many codes provide free shipping, percentage discounts, or dollar amount price reductions. There is a plentiful number of online coupon websites out there offering discounts for many different companies, including Straight Talk. A huge number of the coupons for Straight Talk are related to shipping discounts, which comes in handy when purchasing online. Some of these online coupons even provide free expedited and overnight shipping, which especially beneficial. This alone can be very significant savings. Online coupons for discounted and even free cellular phones are available. There are 5%, 10%, and even 15% cash back online coupons and promotional codes available as well, along with coupons for free SIM cards.


Straight Talk provides a valuable service through their pre-paid cellular service. The plans are reasonable without long term commitments and obligations. The home service provided by the company is gaining popularity and is a great alternative to other home phone options. Online coupons have made online and traditional shopping more cost effective for consumers of companies like Straight Talk.